Text Box: THE END
Captain Kenneth R. Force
President of the board of
The Goldman Memorial
and the rest of the board, have voted
to end the band forever. 
This is mainly due to some hard facts. 
1) They could Not deal with professionals on a 
professional  level.
2) Their ineffectiveness in fund raising.
3) The boards mismanagement of  funds that were to be used for Concerts.
4) Their lack of understanding of what the Goldman Band was or what the Goldman Band Is. (the  most famous concert band in the land after Sousa). To them it was just another board they could put their names on.

The board would have you believe that by 
dropping positions from  the band, they would save vast sums of money. You be the judge. ( see below )
Good business sense would dictate not dropping positions
but cutting some of the other overhead. The board
wanted to lessen the quality of the band by 6 positions. Their excuse was that ” all the audience wants is two hours of happy music”.
Base pay                                                       $136.00
3 hr rehearsal                                                $  90.00
10% welfare                                                 $  26.00
One musician per concert
 and three hr. rehearsal                                   $252.00                                                   
Concert with no
rehearsal (a repeat performance)                     $ 149.60  
Development Director                                 $21,120.00   
Business Manager                                         $  7,648.00    
Publicity                                                        $10,000.00
Legal fees                                                       $30,000.00
News letter that dealt more with
the life of the music director than
fund raising.                                                       $10,000
 If you would like to talk about the end, email